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The Table Really Matters
It’s been 3 days since the Betfair World snooker Championship started, and it has amazed us already, with stunning performances from the qualifiers, knocking out 3 top16 players already! As Mark Allen failing to make a comeback in his battle against Mark King this morning(Beijing time, & i got up at 5am), lost 8-10, I happened to realize that there might be something in common with the defeat of the other two big names as MJW and J. Higgins. I’m not defending any one of them or taking down the winners’ credit, but I have to say the table really matters.
I’m sure that a lot of fans, whether in the arena or sitting before TVs / computer screens, may have also noticed there big bounces(or kicks) everywhere on both TWO match tables. Even the screen stats started to list out the KICKs encountered by both match players. I can vividly recall that there are several times when Allen, Higgins, MJW’s break building was stopped by those unfriendly kicks at a some crucial time in the frame. Not an excuse, it’s true~
Nevertheless it’s fair to both players, I still have to say that the low ranking players know how to handle this “out of position” situation way better than the top ranking ones, as they are fighting with it all their career and have developed a strong correcting ability due to this ‘practice’. On the other hand, the true masters of the game, who prone to simplify their shots with great cueball control and good shot selection, are more likely to make a mistake when going out of position too many times(not once in a while) in a game. Let’s look at the data sheet, there are only 7 centuries so far in this World Championship, a strong side proof of my point!
Of course not all of the top players’ game would be affected by those KICKs. I say Ronnie and Trump, who have great cue power and like to use stun shot among the other top layers, will probably meet in the final if the table contition stay the same for the rest of the event.
I’d love to see new bloods breaking through in the biggest event of the year for snooker. But I certainly don’t want the whole standard be brought down by this KICK problem(i call it facility failure), which keeps surprising us by sending more big names home. So, @WorldSnooker1 please FIX IT, don’t let the KICKs ruins our snooker feast~!!!





Ding’s comments seems to be a little harsh at the post match conference. But what he said earlier rite after losing the match on Weibo is quite sober, just disapointed with himself. Don’t know what made him lose his temper shortly after……I got it all translated here:

"20 days hard training for the Worlds’, ended up here today!" 

"Didn’t play well, can’t concentrate in the last couple of frames."

"Have been putting too much thoughts on the defense there, so as to  lose my own pace of game. A little messed up in the last couple of frames."

"Sorry, to all the fans and press coming here to support me. Sorry, to the fans watching my match today back in China. Sorry, to myself!"


当时我自己感觉到是一个小跳球而有没有犯规。再说了,如果连击了白球怎么会有低杆效果呢。当时场上有两位裁判,正在执裁的paul colliar并没有判我犯规。而且还有一位马上要裁世锦赛决赛的裁判,塔布女士也在执裁。所以只有尊重裁判的判罚。「「「「「「有些话,请不要说得太过分了」」」」」」


Chinese young snooker player Cao Yupeng posts a statement on his Weibo account this afternoon, in return to Mark Allen’s “obvious cheat” accusation last night. I put the link here, and translate it into English for u guys to read it:

"I felt it’s just a little jump of the cueball but no fault at that time."

"You can’t explain the cue ball’s screw effect after the shot if it’s a push shot."

"There were two refs on the baize, the one who’s at the table, Paul Colliar, didn’t call a fault;  the other one Michaela Tabb who’s gonna ref the final didn’t either."

"So all I can say is that respect the judgement of the referee"

"「「「「「「You can have ur opinion, but pls don’t go over the line~!!!」」」」」」"

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World champion John Higgins has criticised changes to the UK Championship format.

Matches have been reduced from best of 17 frames to best of 11 until the semi-finals of the tournament, which starts in York on Saturday.

Higgins said although World Snooker chairman Barry Hearn has done well, he is wrong to alter the second most prestigious ranking event……

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